Codas: Link Round-up (through Jan. 18)

I'd like to share with you all some cool VGM-related things (mostly) that you might check out on the internet from time to time.  Watch for an update such as this every fortnight or so (though, if there are an inordinate amount of awesome sites that I find in a given week you'll see an update sooner, of course!). (links are solely in order of when I checked them out, earliest to latest)

- GamesRadar shows off a YouTube video of a monstrous instrument aptly name the gAtari.

- Megabeep reviews chiptune artist C-Jeff's latest work, Preschtale.  The work is pretty heavy--I dig it.  Listen to the whole thing from beginning to end and you will not be disappointed.

- Urbanech0es showcases some Chrono Trigger remixes by The Bad Dudes called "Chronotorious".

-  Kenley Kristofferson talks about the VGM from Cloud.  I can't wait to delve into more works by the composer, Vincent Diamante.

-  Despite whether you know Tim Follin by name or not, you've likely heard some of his work.  Steve Lakawicz of Classical Gaming does a quick overview of his musical career in his first post about Follin; he then follows up with a couple of YouTube videos that see Follin interviewed.

- I have officially joined up with OCRemix!  My username is Muuurgh.  You will know my posts by the [Score.] logo in the signature, heh.  I don't intend to remix anything at this point in time, but there's certainly an interest to work on some projects like that.

- Speaking of [Score.] logo, how's that header looking?  Thanks, Natalie Parisi!  Check out her mysteries/puzzles blog, Clavis Cryptica.

- Jazz orchestrator Maria Schneider is gearing up for a 2012 Artist Commission project through ArtistShare.  If you've never heard her, as a music lover you should do yourself a favor.  Am I willing to shell out $150 to help commission her work and study the score of whatever she writes?  Yes.  But I need a couple of private lesson gigs first ^ ^