Gumshoes (Draft 3.0)

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Hey, everyone!  I got through another draft of my puzzle/mystery track, "Gumshoes."  What you'll hear is the last incarnation of the tune on Finale.  Like my "Theme for the Woods," I have decided to stop here and leave the track on the back burner until I revamp, mix, and master it in Logic.  I'm waiting until I have a handful of tunes to work with before I start doing that, though, so it'll be a while 'til you hear another draft unless I get inspired to add to it before then.  There are a handful of things that I'll experiment with tweaking when I get to the revamp, but for now, I think this is a pretty close rendition to the final. Enjoy!

Here are some things that I know that I want to take a closer look at:

  1. The Ending - I'd like to get some feedback from you, the listener, on the ending because I'm a little torn.  Do you feel it's fitting?  Are you satisfied?  Or, is it a bit uncharacteristic?  Did you expect something else?
  2. Section Extension - I like my more rhythmic sections during the second half of the piece and have thought about getting more out of them.  Truth be told, when I tried to extend them, they turned into more different rhythmic sections that were too removed from the original to make me group them in the same section.  If I get the right inspiration, there will be more.
  3. The Rhythm Section - Right now, the rhythm section is pretty stagnant outside of a couple of areas.  To me this isn't a terrible thing because it works, but some interest by variety could be on the horizon.
  4. Orchestration - I had thought about breaking out more strings and adding an "orchestral" section.  It might be fun to do; however, that is something I did for "Theme for the Woods," so I nixed it.  I'll think about it.

Thanks for listening!  I'm looking forward to moving forward with an all-new, all-different project.