Demo 2013

This track set is my official demo reel of 2013. Below the set you will find the "liner notes"--official descriptions of each tune. Enjoy!

1. “DEMO 2013 SAMPLER”                                                 (DEMO)
A track that features 15-30 second clips of all of the tunes included on this demo. The order of the clips directly corresponds to the order of the full-length tracks.

2. “MR. A.C. (KEEP YOUR COOL)”                                    (JAZZ)
A 30-second looped battle theme, this minor blues was written for the TIGSource Musical Challenge IX. It features a modern jazz quartet of Rhodes, bass, drums, and percussion.

3. “BEHEMOTH”                                                                 (EPIC / ORCHESTRAL)
Originally written to be more of an epic film track, “Behemoth” quickly evolved into a menacing boss theme. Listen for the woodwinds to provide hints of a sinister insanity above the lumbering brass and percussion.

4. “FANFARE AND JUBILEE”                                             (FOLK / ORCHESTRAL)
Imagine your character arrives at a city in time for an enormous celebration. At first, the brass sounds off the procession of a king, but soon thereafter the lively festivities begin. Inspired by Yasunori Mitsuda’s work on the Chrono series.

5. “MONDAY’S THEME                                                      (CASUAL / BLUEGRASS)
Just another lazy Monday on the farm. Friends casually play music together to get themselves through the beginning of the workweek.

6. “HYPOTHESIS 209”                                                         (ELECTRONICA)
A driving backbeat pushes this somewhat creepy techno piece forward. The simplicity of the melody is meant to be a throwback to classic games.

7. “A BINDING HARMONY”                                              (ROMANTIC / ORCHESTRAL)
The beginning of this tune is indicative of two long-lost lovers who spot one another in a bustling city square. They race towards one another, fighting their way through the crowd until they finally embrace and the world around them seems to fade away. Written for the TIGSource Musical Challenge XXIII.

8. “HEART OF THE WOODS”                                            (CLASSIC / ORCHESTRAL)
When writing this tune I envisioned Link running around in the woods slashing at baddies. It’s an easygoing-yet-luscious portrayal of a sunny day in the forest.