THM: Level 2

When The Hard Modes debuted back in September 2017, we played two hour-long sets that featured 7 original arrangements at C’ville Coffee for an audience of just over 40.

This past February, we returned for our Level 2 show, and indeed, our stats increased in every area: we played over two hours of music featuring 8 arrangements (7 by me and 1 by our trumpeter, Brandon) for about 55 folks.

The music was more challenging, and the band rose to the occasion, playing tighter than ever on all of the tracks. Everyone’s hard work during rehearsals and at home paid high dividends for an attentive, enthusiastic audience. I’m really proud of them.

It was a near perfect way to kick off the year for the band. If you missed it, you can check out either my bootlegged audio or these videos that I edited of what I think was our strongest two cuts of the evening:

One of the most exciting things for me is that, with the Level 2 music completed, we have over 20 arrangements in our quiver. This allows us to vary the setlists of our “low profile” shows over the year, which I think will keep things more interesting for those who come out and see us perform. We already have 4 more dates on the books this year - three at Kardinal Hall and one at Miller’s (both in Charlottesville, VA) - and I’m excited to mix things up at them and to keep improving on these tunes as we continue to play them for you. Check out our Facebook page to keep up with our listings.

Looking forward, I’m currently working on three major initiatives for the band that I hope to accomplish this year. One is a secret for now, but the other two are:

  1. Getting into the studio to record our first official album (and creating more videos around those recordings).

  2. Playing outside of Charlottesville. We’re currently looking at spots in Richmond, VA (and I will also put in a bid for MAGFest 2020).

And, of course, the band is always working on new arrangements, so we look forward to bringing those to you at some point, as well!

Thanks, as always, for listening and reading. ‘til next time…!